Cincinnati, Ohio


Conference and Seminars

Our vision for overseas ministry is to equip pastors and church leaders who in turn will equip their church members. In the last several years we have conducted a number of conferences and seminars that have had a tremendous influence in the lives of those who have attended.


One of the strategies the LORD has given us in reaching the lost is networking with other churches and ministries in evangelistic events. Just as the bible says in Lev. 26:8 “Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight” through the partnership of other churches and ministries many souls have come to Christ.

Donate online or make checks and money orders payable to Vessel of Honor Intl. Ministries (VHIM) and mail to the address below.

Media Ministry

The LORD has placed such a burden in our hearts to reach people we cannot reach in person through books and audio resources. Our media ministry resources are being used in bible studies, bible colleges, prisons and other settings. We have received numerous testimonies from people in the USA, Nigeria, Kenya and other places who have been ministered to through our resources. One lady in New York shared how she has been using the teachings in one of our books to minister to inmates.


Leadership & Ministry Training

God has laid such a burden in our hearts to support the wonderful work of pastors by providing training to ministry leaders and church members. Our goal is to help them realize how important their ministry is to the overall vision and mission of the church. Whether one is serving in the ministry of ushers, children’s church, intercessory, hospitality, media, security, janitorial or serving as a deacon their role has a remarkable impact in the body of Christ. Our ministry spreads from Ohio to others States and internationally.

Men’s Ministry

Our vision is to influence men in their relationship with God, spouse, family, church, community and their divine call in life. We have had an amazing response from men who have attended, conferences, seminars, men’s breakfast and prayer meetings where we have ministered.

Youth Ministry

Our goal is to inspire, motivate, equip and empower the youth in Kenya with the skills to build their careers and also empower those who want to venture into business. The youth with have been working with have great aspirations in life and desire to make a difference in their communities.